Fifty Shades Darker Full HD Movie

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Fifty Shades Darker Full HD Movie


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At the point when an injured Christian Gray tries to lure a wary Ana Steele again into his life, she requests another plan before she will give him another possibility. As the two form trust and discover strength, shadowy figures from Christian’s past begin to circle the couple, resolved to demolish their expectations for a future together.

Release date: February 10, 2017 (USA)
Director: James Foley
Music composed by: Danny Elfman
Film series: Fifty Shades
Featured songs: Crazy in Love, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

Three days since leaving Christian, Anastasia “Ana” Steele has begun her job as personal assistant to Jack Hyde, an editor at Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP). He continually asks Ana out, making her uneasy, but writes it off. Christian emails her to see if she needs a ride to her friend José Rodriguez’s gallery exhibit in Portland, which she had forgotten about until Christian emailed her. The pair attend the show together and later kiss in an alley. They have dinner in a restaurant and Christian reveals he wants her back. He later proposes that they resume their relationship but under Ana’s conditions of no rules and no punishments. She agrees.
Christian reveals to Ana that he has bought SIP, but the deal must stay secret for another month. Ana is furious that Christian is interfering in her career, especially after he freezes the company’s accounts preventing her from going on an overnight business trip to New York with Jack. Christian insists it was for her own protection, because Jack is a “known philanderer”, as he apparently harassed his last five assistants. Those suspicions prove correct when Jack corners Ana after hours and blackmails her, demanding sexual favors. Ana escapes using her self-defense training. Christian has Jack fired and confiscates his work computer.

While going to a disguise ball at Dr. what’s more, Mr. Dim’s home, Ana meets Elena Lincoln (whom Ana monikers Mrs. Robinson) surprisingly and finds that Elena and Christian possess a salon business together. Afterward, Ana is unloaded and Christian offers $100,000 for the principal hit the dance floor with her. Ana is appalled that Christian keeps on being companions with the lady who allured him when he was just 15 years of age and acquainted him with the BDSM way of life. At the point when Elena understands that Christian considers Ana to be a sweetheart and not a docile, she gets to be distinctly opposing towards Ana, attempting to sow dissension in the growing relationship.

Ana is stalked at work by a bothered Leila Williams, one of Christian’s previous submissives. Ana’s dread heightens when she finds that Leila has a firearm. It is uncovered Leila’s fixation started after her partner kicked the bucket in an auto accident four months prior, prompting to a mental breakdown. Leila breaks into Ana’s loft and undermines her at gunpoint. Christian defuses the circumstance by using their prevailing/compliant element, however this leaves Ana stressed that Christian can’t be happy with a vanilla relationship. Ana defies Christian about Leila. Dreading she is abandoning him once more, he indiscreetly proposes, however Ana needs time to think of it as.

José drives to Seattle to visit Ana. Christian still perspectives José as a sentimental adversary, and just allows Ana to see him on the off chance that they both remain at Escala. Ana gets to be distinctly stressed on the night prior to Christian’s 28th birthday when he disappears while flying from Portland to Seattle in his helicopter with Ros Bailey. In any case, he in the end makes it back to Escala securely, and clarifies that both helicopter’s motors fizzled; harm is suspected. Ana acknowledges she never needs to be without him and acknowledges his proposition to be engaged.

The following day, the Gray family sets up Christian a substantial birthday party at their house. Kate stresses over Ana in the wake of finding an email amongst Ana and Christian, talking about the BDSM Contract. Ana guarantees Kate that her association with Christian is a vanilla one. After Christian and Ana report their engagement, Elena irately defies Ana, blaming her for being a “gold-digger”, and cases a vanilla relationship will never fulfill Christian. Beauty Gray, Christian’s supportive mother, catches the contention and is incensed that Elena went after her adolescent child. Elena leaves in disfavor and Christian chooses to end their business relationship.

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